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Kate, I asked the same question a while back and got this answer.  As you can see, it's still incomplete:

"Highlight it and select "properties" at the right of the window.  In the dialog box that comes up, change the name to "UK".  Select the "connection" tab and uncheck the box that says "always connect using".  Then click on O.K to close the box.

Highlight the new account and select "properties"as above.  change the name to "France".  Find the line just below this where it gives the email address.  This should give your main (U.K?) email address, not the new French one.  If it doesn't then change it.  Click on "O.K" to close the box.

Highlight the entry for the country that you are in and click on the "set as default" button at the right of the window.  You should always change the default setting to suit the country that you are in.

From now on whenever you create an outgoing message you will find that the top line where it says "From" has a drop down box attached to it at the far right of the line.  You MUST ensure that all outgoing messages are selected to show the country that"

In fact, I found that I didn't need to make those changes in Outlook Express in order to download email from my non-French accounts, just had to add my Wanadoo/Orange email account.

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