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non EU stepchildren of EU passport holders & freedom of movement in EU

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I am wondering if anyone has any information for a curly one.


We have discovered that my husband along with myself and our son through descent are able to obtain citizenship of Malta which is fantastic. We are Australian born so it makes thing so much easier!


Now heres the curly part. I have two children from my first marriage, their father passed away when they were very young. He also was Australian born. My current husband (that sounds awful as if I am going to get another one!) has been their dad for the last 8 years in everyway including changing their name to his via deedpoll.


I am not 100% confident that they will able to register for a Maltese passport. What happens in this case with the children? As non-EU citizens will they have to apply for long stay visas if we are to stay in France over 90 days or even immigrate there?


Are there in laws regarding freedom of movement in the EU and nonEU stepchildren?


Many many thanks!!!

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Hi Jovi,

if you are both in possession of Maltese citizenship/passports then you will be eligible for the european residence permit. If your elder two Aussie children are under 18 then they will be able to reside here with you; they cannot deport minor children and as Maltese/european citizens you cannot be deported either. My partner is Brit, Im Australian and i brought my three Aussie born kids here without any paperwork at all. My partner applied for the european family permit which covered all of us to live here. Otherwise, while here you can always nip over with the kids to the UK for a few days every three months and restart the clock. Mind you, they will only stamp your kids Aussie passports in the UK, not your Maltese ones.

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