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Difficulty accessing this Forum

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Has anybody else had difficulty accessing this forum over the last couple of days?  I was getting very worried, and I even joined another forum so that I could ask for help.

Before asking, I gave this site one last try, and hey presto - here I am.

Recently my machine decided to update to IE7, using Windows XP home.  It seems that since then I have had trouble accessing various web sites.  First an important French site (to me) would not load due to data base error with an invalid SQL.

Then slowly other sites, one by one, would not connect, with the message that my internet explorer could not connect to the site.  I was also having trouble with this forum saying that the server was out of memory.  After deleting the non connecting sites from my favourite list, and cleaning up my temp folder and history files,  I tried this forum again to be told that I that my computer was unable to connect.  I rebooted, but got the same message, and trying Radio Times as well I got the same message.  Finally I could not connect to any Living France site, even by trying through Google.  I also noticed that my computer was very slow in changing some pages or sites, but instantaneous with things like BBC and Google.

I tried another French forum with no problems.

Tried this site again, and suddenly no problems.

Does anyone have any suggestions, or is it just the gremlins?



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I've had exactly the same problem this evening: I am using 2 different Macs, I tried with Safari, Firefox and Camino - same result in each case, server not found. At the same time other people were accessing without difficulty.

The only sensible answer I could come up with was my ISP (Blueyonder) but they were showing no connection issues.

I had exactly the same connection symptoms.

Any ideas, Admin?

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Perhaps it's the archant ads taking their time loading... [:-))]

I've had intermittent problems too, particularly with the out of memory msg. Only great determination (aka blood-y-mindedness) enabled me to post my Archant ads complaint on Sunday. [:P]

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