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[quote user="Dick Smith"]If you have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, and you can get hold of the November issue of Digital Photo magazine, the cover DVD has software and templates for making calendars.


Dick, is that in France or the UK?
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Bugbear - thats an interesting set up but I should have explained better.

I belong to the Quimper Club and some members have expressed an interest in having a hard copy  calendar. In theory we should be able to produce this on line and then give the individual members the link to order it direct from Kodak or who ever. Sadly Kodak is not as easy as I thought.

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Google says that their calendars can be shared online, although I don't know if that would be any easier than the Kodak calendar.  And, of course, you'd have to set up a Google account.  Here are some links:

Google calendar help: 


How to share a calendar with people who don't have Google accounts:


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[quote user="Russethouse"]Thanks Dick, Mr RH has Adobe Photoshop but I am using Microsoft photo editor. Mr RH has already quite a bit for the organisation in question so I'd like to try and do it myself.[/quote]

Hi RH, it sounds as if you are going to re-invent the wheel? Why not save a load of hassle and use Mr's PSP? It has got to be a load easier and all will be impressed too. I too have PSP X and it's good, but we are waiting for our 'France Mag' calender as we speak. We had to buy it this year, but the past several years we won our copy [8-|].

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