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Cannot record Channel 4

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Yesterday I had problems recording Channel 4 progammes through my Sky box.  I thought I had solved the problem by changing to another recorder but have just encountered the same problem with something I tried to record this afternoon.  Has anybody else suddenly encountered this?  Maybe they could give it a go.  It did not happen in the late evening - only during the day.  Have C4 suddenly put record protect on their satelite channels?  There is not mention of this on their web site.
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[quote user="cooperlola"]The evening (Without a Trace) worked fine although I'd been unable to record during the day.  Same happened yesterday in the day time.[/quote]

Right, I'll set the spare video to tape C4 from the spare Sky box and report later...

EDIT: I have put C4 on to tape for 30mn. No problem, no onscreen message...

NEW EDIT: the 30mn program taped with no problem.

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