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Weekend problems with email

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NB You'll only get a receipt if recipients choose to tell you - if they do not have their own e-mail options set to automatically or manually reply to "read" requests then you won't get a receipt even if you request it.  Some people block all such requests (to avoid confirming their email address to spammers).

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The thing is I don't send hundreds of emails, its only a handful, but lately I've had problems sending and receiving using my wanadoo.fr  email. 

Does anyone know how I contact them and ask what's going on.

I returned to using hotmail, it seems to be safer.

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It sometimes is a result of your ISP (in your case Wanadoo) being seen as a source of 'spam' so you end up with undelivered mail due to other ISPs blocking anything that comes from Wanadoo, although I do not use it myself I have read reports that Gmail is very good but you will need an invitation, there may be some kind soul on here with a spare invite for you.[:D]

best regards


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