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Recovering data

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I have just upgraded the HDD on my laptop. Everything reloaded no problems and I have bought a 2 1/2 inch, USB, disk caddy for the 20 gig disk that came out. No problems with the laptop seeing the, now, external disk, but I am trying to get at my old e-mails on the 20 gig disk.

Has anyone any ideas how to access them please? Windowz Explorer shows all of the data and programme files, but the old system files are hidden and I can't see them.

If anyone is interested in getting a disk caddy... The one I now have is good quality aliminium with the usb cable and a leather (I think)carrying case. All for the princely sum of £13. Very good value for money and post free if you are in the U.K. I had mine sent to my daughters and she sent it over. Post cost, about £3. The ones I have seen here are tatty and 50€ plus.

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My Documents - Tools - Folder Options - View - Click on Show hidden files - Apply.

They are stored in two files Personal.pst and Archive.pst. check that you only have two files. If you find more check out the contents and put whatever you want to keep in the Archive file that you're keeping. Then delete the one you have just emptied.

please remember System Restore Point.


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[quote user="Bob T"]Hi jonsjob. Sounds like you have bought exactly the same 2.5 inch drive caddy as I did, the only difference is that mine cost me only €8.50 here in France!

Where? All the ones that I looked at were like light weight alli sardine cans, all bendy.

I have tried the My Docs route Gary, but nothing showed. But I think that it's because it's not the system HDD. I ran a search on disk 'F' including the hidden folders and they have shown up down the long line in Documents and Settings, etc., etc., but I am now running Eudora as my e-mail programme so I think I will have to load M/soft Outlook to open them.

Thank you for the info. I will try to remember to let you know how I get on. No chance tonight, too knakkkkered...

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JJ, have a look at this as it sets out how to do etc.

I have to tell you though that I once saved a whole system to a back-up hard drive using Acronis True Image. When I reinstalled the files across into the 'clean' PC, the Outlook files were corrupt and couldn't be recovered. I'm afraid that if you didn't save them as separate files you may have the same problem, fingers crossed.


Good luck........................


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