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I have read conflicting info about free2view cards .  Does anyone have any experience of activating these in France without phoning Sky?  I have heard that if you just leave it in the box overnight it will activate itself?  Any truth in this rumour!!
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I've just got back from installing an old Panasonic digibox in France.

The box and its card (blue/yellow house design) had been in a cupboard for about two years since the Sky subscription was cancelled.

The free to air channels (BBC, ITV, etc.) all worked immediately, but Channels 4 and 5 only showed the 'phone Sky to add this channel to your subscription' message.

I left the box connected on stand-by and Channels 4 and 5 eventually arrived about a day and a half later. However, when we left, there was still no sign of any radio channels!

You should bear in mind that some of the Channel 4 group of channels are only available with a Sky subscription (i.e. Film 4 is available free, but More 4 isn't).

Hope this helps,


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[quote user="Anton Redman"]

To receive the Radio Channels you may need to force a software upgrade. They are now on four digit numbers starting with 0

0101 Radio One etc.

0106 Classic FM


Yes, you will need the new EPG (which will handle 4-digit radio channel nos.). It will update automatically too (eventually) - last one I did took about a week.


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Usually if the card had been previously activated at one time or other leaving it plugged in should after a few hours become activated again whatever box its plugged into, they are paired to a box when activating but all channels should show up sooner or later, maybe if its not paired to that box all channels may not show, I have never seen any missing channels in my experience (and I have had loads of em) but i'm no expert.


Bonne Noel n' that

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