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I've just checked an email account that I don't use very often, and there were four emails containing the win32 Tibs trojan virus.  This virus is distributed in a greetings postcard type message wishing you happiness for the new year.

It's perhaps a little late to warn you now, but if there are any of you that haven't yet checked your emails, it's worth making sure that your antivirus settings are up to date.

Mine are, so no damage done, they were detected before I even saw them.


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From Google..................................

We're now seeing slightly modified versions of the Happy New Year postcard.exe attachments that were first spotted on Friday.

This time the e-mail subjects vary a lot but are always themed around New Year greetings. For example, "Fun Filled New Year", "May Your Dreams Come True!", "Sparkling Happiness And Good Times!", or "Sender Happy 2007!". The attachment name is "greeting card.exe", "Greeting Postcard.exe", or something else along those lines.

The attachments have been modified slightly to avoid detection by antivirus programs, but we detect them as Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Tibs.jy. There are also some corrupted attachments floating around: those might not be detected, but they won't work either.

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