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Problems with connection to Orange

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Help!!!!!! (using our friends computer and internet connection!)

After trying to connect 4 different LIVEBOXES and spending a long time talking to Orange and France Telecom we still are unable to use our Internet ASDL system.An independant engineer suggested on the telephone that we got rid of LIVEBOX and purchased a NETGEAR erthanet ASDL modem, only to find exactly the same problem which seems to be either the identification code or password is wrong. we have been assured after 40 mins on the phone with Orange that the codes are correct and there is no more they can do to help us.

I have done a ping test and the line seems to be ok...any suggestions would be much appreciated or if someone could suggest an engineer who can come out to a village about 30 kms east of La Rochelle.Its worth mentioning that this system up until 4 weeks ago was working quite normally until the first LIVEBOX broke down.


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Hi Annie,

I had the same problem with Wanadoo and eventually despite all my efforts and buying costly replacements,  I could get 512mb boadband, but could never get to use the telephone at the same time as I was on  line. It is almost impossible to get any sense out of their helplines and in the end I raised the white flag and I am now arranging to transfer to Teleconnect. It is much the same price, but I will now get up to 6 mb ADSL and cheap phone calls to the UK, and what is more a free helpline in English!

Struggle on, but I think you might find it easier to give them the push in the near future! Bon chance!

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Lautrec, you say that you will get upto 6Mb with teleconnect, but you got upto 6Mb with Wanadoo, 512 is after all upto anything. As wanadoo (Orange now) is part of France Telecom, I would have thought that they would offer you the fastest speed that is available on their phone lines, probably 512. Are you saying that Teleconnect are going to put new lines in from the exchange to your house?

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[quote user="annie"]

...any suggestions would be much appreciated .Its worth mentioning that this system up until 4 weeks ago was working quite normally until the first LIVEBOX broke down.



Hi Paul

We had a very similar problem and went through very nearly the same scenario as you. At my wits end, and after umpteen euros worth of 'help' from the Orange technical helpline we were left, rudderless, seemingly on our own. I went round to our closest French neighbours and explained the situation - help was at hand. 13 year old Victor was our internet saviour. He de-installed the orange/livebox software - crucial, he said - and then reinstalled it using a USB2 cable - just to test the set-up, he said - when all worked fine with that, then he de-installed again and re-installed using the ethernet cable. Orange can be tricky he said ... the computer and connection are there but they don't necessarily want to talk to each other ...

I will probably have to call on him again when I get round to connecting my laptop wirelessly.

Sue [8-)]

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I have replied to this thread on the other forum (TF), but have posted here too as it may be of benefit to others who don't forum-hop.

Is it possible to try to set the Livebox up on another pc?

My reason for asking is that someone I know last year had been happily

using an Orange dial-up package for a few months, then they went on

holiday. When they returned, it was impossible to connect; the messages

they received told them that their password or username were incorrect.

They hadn't changed them.

I tried to connect with their details and received the same

message. They contacted Orange and was told there was no problem. They

couldn't get any further with Orange, and couldn't get online. I was

asked to help...

Once I got through to a technical bod, I was told that there was no

problem with the username and password and that it must be my pc. We

argued, and he was insistent that my pc was to blame. I had been

pretending that I was their client, so told them that I have another

pc, and that the password and username didn't work on there either.

The engineer changed the password whilst on the phone, then I tried to

connect using this. Bingo - connected first time. I explained to my

friend, gave them the new password, and they have had no connection

problems since then.

Either Orange have a flaky system, and their passwords become

corrupted preventing clients from getting online, or the passwords are

changed deliberately to make their clients phone the expensive helpline

several times. Or they are simply incompetent. I will never use Orange.

I implore others not to use their 'services'.

Call them back, lie, tell them that you have another pc and that

you cannot get online on this pc either using the password/username

combination. Get them to change the password. I'd be surprised if you

have problems after they have changed the password.

Please post back and let me know how you get on.

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It is a well known fct that the livebox itself can be a tempremental beast, but the biggest problem is the wanadoo software. I you run a decent anti spyware program it will pick this software up as dodgy. Best bet is to use a Netgear and don't install the wanadoo software. That way wanadoo (Orange) just become an ISP like any other. I have removed a number of Liveboxes and the associated software and using a decent modem/router set up reliable systems. To be fair to those who only use PCs, it is not easy understand how everything is related and it is too easy to blame the ISP.

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A couple of questions.

1. What rate is you ADDSL at (i.e. 512 or 1 or (up to) 8) and how far are you from the exchange (rural of in a town) ?

2. When you say you have done a ping test that worked what exactly do you mean. What have you ping'd from where ?

Depending on the answers to the above, it is quite possible for FT to think the line is working but for it not to be working.


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