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cheap "ex-pat" phonelines

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Does anyone know which is the best cheap rate line to get?I have been told that a number is available that begins 08446 that is non-geographical and is 2p per min to the UK but where do you get it and is it the best overall?? 

Thanx to all for your help


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[quote user="Will"]

'Best' does not necessarily mean cheapest. I have heard some really bad stories of unreliable service and poor customer care from some of these outfits.


Plus so much depends on where you tend to call and when and for how long, etc.. What might be cheap for one person might be expensive for somebody else's different pattern of use.

There are quite a lot of considerations though it seems a very common question about "what is cheapest" - more info is needed to find what might be best for any particular person.


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A friend of mine has just had Teleconnect installed. This is a broadband system at 29.99 per month and for a further 10 Euros per month you get free calls to French and UK, USA, Ireland, australia and Canada. They also give you a cheap rate number in the UK for your friends and family to use to contact you in France. I am waiting to see my friends first bill to see if it's really free as it sounds to good to be true.

We use theri normal phone services and have a mobile with them as well and have no problems with the service.

For more information clisk HERE

Just to say I don't work for them or gain anything from mentioning them by name.

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