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Hi all, before we jump can anyone tell me if you can record on a sky plus box here in france. We have a subscription in UK on a matching box and we can get a 2nd box with the extra £120 subscription, but will it record here in  france? The telephone connection is, we hear, not necessary for the extra box as long as the main box is connected to telephone line. Any help is welcome, Hugh.

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I'm no expert on Sky contracts,  but my understanding is that for

Sky Multiroom (ie 2nd mirror sub) Sky DO regularly check that both

boxes are plugged in to the SAME phone line.   So bringing

one over to France for extended periods is likely to provoke Sky into

demanding two separate full price contracts.

But not myself being prepared to pay Sky anything more than the bare minimum I'm not an expert on these high value subs.

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 ok can I take it you are wanting to bring one sky box here and leave one in the uk ??? if so when you take out a new contract for the second box it must be conected to the phone line for 12months, read the small print on the contract. but your old box if you have had it for more than 12 months is ok without a phone line . as the box and card are " married " together just bring out your old box and card ,and it will work as norm ,but as nick says you need the phone line for recording linked series


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I think until the OP tells us if the two contracts are separate or

whether it's a mirror sub contract we can't help any

further.   I took it to mean a mirror sub (which relies on

the two boxes being telephonically co-incident - I'm not sure one can

get a stand alone Sky contract for £120 pa) but if they're two

separate contracts....

OP - where are you?

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On the subject of Sky and telephone lines, if you are thinking of going for HD, forget it via SKY in France.  The box changeover has to be done by a SKY appointed engineer for starters and he sends a message enlivening the box down the phone line and calls SKY, then the client has to call SKY to confirm the connection.  The connection and coding of the new HD box is made via the phone line NOT via the satellite as used to be the case and if you take out the phone link, you lose the connection, I asked the SKY bloke specifically if it was possible to have an "accommodation" address in the UK and use the HD box abroad after it was connected and he said it was not possible because of the required continuous phone link.
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Interesting Ron.   The cynic in me doubts that Sky are

putting all these hurdles in the way for any other reason than to

tighten up their control over where boxes are. 

The advice to everyone is:  don't pay Sky for the pleasure of being shackled unless you have thought it through.

It won't be long until HD boxes are available from the shops (provided

the BBC keep on transmitting HD,  although there's a question mark

over that I believe) and these will be free of the Sky shackles

(although they won't of course work on Sky channels).

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I am surprised that you think Sky would be interested in putting unnecessary hurdles in the way of viewers.

I know they are under constant pressue from the distribution houses to respect their sole distributorship arrangements for the UK and Eire, but I cannot believe it would be in their interests to inhibit the quarter of a million or so viewers who are outside of their distributorship region.   If they lost them overnight the viewing figures would look pretty dreadful all of a sudden, and that wouldn't do the world of good for the share price.

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Martin is actually spot on and your viewing figures theory is,  sorry, a load of gorrox.

Sky's viewing figures come from the same source as the BBC and ITVs figures  via JICTAR and extrapolated figures from set top boxes in the UK.  Do you really believe that SKY care two hoots or count as "viewers" people they don't actually know about as they are out of contract and/or don't have a phone connection, adding to their viewing figures?

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