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To obtain the Service, the Customer must have: an independent France

Telecom analog line, a touchtone telephone, a modem supplied by

Teleconnect, a PC computer using Windows 98 SE, Millenium, 2000 or XP (apparently Linux OK) with at least 128M of active memory ; an Ethernet connection; and, optionally, an active USB port and a wi-fi adapter key or integrated wi-fi.

If these prerequisites are not met, quality of Service cannot be

assured and Customer may not be technically supported by Teleconnect.[/Quote]


can offer me a good ADSL deal. My current Wanadoo Livebox works fine

under Mepis 6.0 (Linux) (ethernet connection). Do I have to have this wi-fi

adapter key? What is it? I have a Dell Dimension 3000, plenty of USB

ports, but no experience with wi-fi.

Many thanks for help. 
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I think it's just a bit of bad wording. What they mean is that the PC/laptop can optionally have a wi-fi receiver either built in or an external one plugged into a USB port or presumably PCIMCA card.  You don't have to use wi-fi, you can use your normal ethernet cable
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