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Sky remote control codes for new telly

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The first TV I bought in France worked straightaway with the old UK TV code preprogrammed, albeit only on/off and volume.

I have just bought a new LCD TV from Geant, it is an Acer AC2002 and I cannot use the Sky remote with it . I have tried but I cannot find any reference to this make or model on the Sky web site.

It used to be that the majority of older TV's used the same IR commands for on/off and volume, and this is why it worked OK with the last TV.

Can anyone suggest some "popular" codes to try or anything else.

My remote is a few years old so may contain some of the newer ones, it has the number 6023702 on the inside if it is of any help.

Thanks in anticipation

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When you havn't had an income for 3 years and are sinking your capital into an investment that will hopefully one day bring a return then everyday is a working day.

Working around computer breaks that is, or perhaps the other way round.

The codes didnt work but the LED on my remote did not respond as expected so I will revisit the Sky site and also the one recommended between pouring concrete into my reinforced cast in place lintel.

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If you're using an old SKY remote with a new TV you can't really expect it to work; the codes have to be pre-programmed into the remote when it's manufactured so the codes for the newer sets can't be included if they haven't been assigned yet. One solution is to buy a new remote control, but even then not all of the codes may be included. You stand a better chance with the major TV brands like Panasonic etc.

Try www.satcure.co.uk and have a look at their catalogue. You'll also find information about the codes on the site too. 

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