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Another Firewall Question

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Sorry if this has been covered - have read all the postings. How do I find out if I have a Firewall? Probably daft question but I have checked everywhere I know how and can't see any mention. I have Windows XP but can't see any kind of firewall mentioned (is there an automatic firewall with this program?). Also, I have AVG free but again can't see a firewall noted.

After reading all the postings, I thought I had better check!




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The free firewall with XP is Windows Firewall.

If you open your Windows Security Centre you should see if you have a firewall activated.

Click on Start > Parameters > Control Panel > Security Centre

(that is a translation from French - the English version should be similar)

that will show you if you have active antivirus and firewall protection.

AVGFree is antivirus software rather than a firewall.
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If your XP is XP SP2 then the firewall is present but you may need to switch it on. Select Control Panel and then Select the Security Centre. You can select the Firewall from there.

To test it out. Just go to www.grc.com and select Shieldsup. Select the All Service ports option.

After a few moments it will start testing your computers ports and provide an on screen report.


Edit:  Ordinary XP before SP2 doesn't have the firewall.

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