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internet access while travelling...

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hey guys...

We're looking to go travelling around Europe, mainly France, for 6 months and would like to keep in touch via the internet.

We'll be renting gites, maybe a little camping, B&B and hotels... however not all will enable us to get on the internet.

I'm taking a laptop and a PDA both of which have wireless internet and of course the laptop has a modem.

Are there wireless access points in towns and villages, maybe similar to Costa Coffee, Nero etc... I understand that some French McDonald's also have free wifi access... is this true... ?

What's the best way of getting internet access while travelling ... ??

Please help..


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Hi QT11,

McDonalds in France do have free wi-fi – details including a branch finder here:  http://www.mcdonalds.fr/ - click on “Dans vos restos”.

Another site to have a look at is Orange France – you’ll probably have to pay at these locations:  http://www.orange-wifi.com/en/recherche.htm They offer 30 hours / 90 days access for €50.

At hotels, the signal should be fine in the bar area etc.  Just turn on your laptop and see if it finds a network.

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