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Mobile phone for use within France

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I visit France three times a year. Twice for a period of one month each and once for just over two months. I need the use of a  mobile phone for use within France ( not for calls to and from the Uk) Any suggestions for the cheapest way of doing this please?

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If your mobile is “unlocked” (ie, it will work with any network SIM card), you could use your existing mobile and buy a French network Pay As You Go SIM card, eg Orange France or SFR, and use that in your own phone.  Cost about 30€.  If you anticipate receiving calls on your UK mobile, then it may be easier to buy a Pay As You Go mobile in France and carry the 2 handsets.

You can get info on SFR PAYG SIM here:  http://www.sfr.fr/offre-sfr/particulier/sfr-carte/ , and Orange here:  http://mobile.orange.fr – click on “Recherche dans le site” and type Mobicarte in the search box.

Note calling credit has an expiry period on French PAYG mobiles unlike in the UK.  For example, on SFR, a 15€ top up has to be used within 1 month - see http://www.sfr.fr/offre-sfr/particulier/sfr-carte/rechargement/index.jsp


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