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The rub lies in the words "without an aerial".   Freeview itself (a UK service,  the French equivalent is TNT) is transmitted on UHF frequencies (chs 21 - 68) like analogue UHF TV,  with the same limitations imposed by the laws of physics.   If you took a receiver to within a mile of a high power transmitter then you would probably manage without any aerial at all.  Ten miles away you might manage with a set top aerial,  more if there is direct line of sight.  Forty miles away you normally need a roof aerial with high gain and directionality.

If we're talking about what I think we're talking about then the item comes with a miniature socket for plugging in an aerial,  needed in all but the most favoured locations.   Particularly in France were coverage (especially in valleys and many parts of the eastern half of the country) is incomplete.

There is no reason (transmission system wise) why it won't work in France,  the digital transmissions standards are slightly different at present in the two countries, but all modern UK Freeview equipment can cope with the moderner 8k symbolling used in France.   There's only a problem with the original generation of OnDigital boxes.

If in fact this device is for connecting to ADSL the none of the above applies.

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