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TNT/Freeview Reception in Basse Normandie

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I'm wondering whether anyone else in Basse-Normandie (particularly around Sourdeval) has any experience of using a Freeview/TNT box?

We recently took our Freeview box over and connected it, and received about 9 TNT channels perfectly OK - not all of those that the TV paper reckons are available on TNT - and crucially not TF1.  In addition, on ordinary terrestrial TV, we can only get TF1/A2/FR3, but all really clear & strong.  I'm wondering whether it's a question of signal strength for certain channels whcich is why we don't get them all on either medium.

My major concern is that if I can only get TF1 on terrestrial TV, once they switch to digital then I'll be left without access the the Formula 1 Grand Prix races - or would have to get a satellite - can you get ITV on free-to-air satellites these days?

Any help gratefully received!

English Eccentric

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I shall go and look up your location later,  but in the meantime:

Several factors can affect reception of the different multiplexes (there are five in France).   Your aerial may be a "grouped" one,  more designed for some channels than others.   The transmitter may have different radiation patterns on the different MUX's - this is because squeezing the TNT channels in has been a technical nightmare (as it has in the UK) to prevent the degradation of exisiting analogue reception in other areas (due to interference). 

The (eventual) good news is that when analogue tranmission stops there will be a large increase in transmitter power for digital (for example Crystal Palace's 30 kW erp will rise to 200 kW) which should burn through a lot of the current reception problems for digital.   The same will happen in France when many transmitters currently not able to transmit TNT will suddenly be able to use the vacated analogue allocations.

Do ask around and see how others are faring in your locality while I do some more research.

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We have friends near Mortain who do not get TF1 on TNT either, but get most of the other channels. It seems to be something strange with the Caen transmitter. We are not that far away from you and get ours from Rennes, including TF1.
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Rennes Saint Pern Mars 2005   CNH Canal + P

Rennes Saint Pern Mars 2005   CNH Canal + Cinéma P

Rennes Saint Pern Mars 2005   CNH Canal + Sport P

Rennes Saint Pern Mars 2005   CNH Canal J P

Rennes Saint Pern Mars 2005   CNH Planète P

Rennes Saint Pern Mars 2005   Multi 4 AB1 P

Rennes Saint Pern Mars 2005   Multi 4 M6 G

Rennes Saint Pern Mars 2005   Multi 4 NT1 G

Rennes Saint Pern Mars 2005   Multi 4 Paris Première P

Rennes Saint Pern Mars 2005   Multi 4 TF 6 P

Rennes Saint Pern Mars 2005   Multi 4 W9 G

I think those are your channels....?


The fact that you're only listed for two MUX's suggests that St Pern (nr Becherel) has some restrictions on the other three MUX's.   These will be lifted in 2010 at digital switch over.   I doubt doing anything to the aerial will help as you are already getting cracking analogue pictures.

If you're really worried about TF1 then you could go for the TNT via satellite option (still at the planning stage but likely to begin in June) but I would put money on the fact that by the time TF1 analogue goes you'll be receiving a good TNT UHF signal.

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Thanks very much for your replies, folks, and for taking the time to look up that info for me too, Martin - that link is very useful!  I'm pretty sure that those are the channels we're getting - I shall have to check for certain next time we're back.  It's reassuring to know that it's not something to do with the way the system is set up, and confirmation, Marina, that friends nearby are in the same situation is equally comforting!  Now, as long as TF1 keeps the Formula 1 franchise, I'll be OK!  I have a vague recollection that some years ago one of the other channels used to show the race instead, with that nice Mr Prost commentating.......

Thanks again guys!


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I'm in Haute Normandie but have similar problems - the Rouen transmitter was one of the first to be equipped with the digital gear, so I put up an antenna pointing that way (the locals all point their aerials at local relays) and got all the channels except TF1 and the others that share the multiplex (mux). Checking the CSA and TNT websites showed that there was a 'notch' in the coverage area - this is usually to avoid intereference to other transmitters. Last autumn the transmitter at Neufchatel was brought into service so I went up the ladder again only to find the same problem. So at the moment, until, as a previous poster has said, they turn up the power, or equip the locals relays, I shall have to revert to analogue for TF1 - useful for when ITV go to b****y adverts.[:@]

By the way, in answer to your question - yes, ITV have gone the way of the BBC and you no longer have to subscribe to get their channels - in fact, any free to air digital satellite receiver will get all the ITV channels.

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