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Has anyone tried this new and revolutionary system. I have downloaded a system of this sort and yes you do get pictures of a kind but not that good. It maybe that the computer I have "Dell" is not upto the task or my system  is not adequate. Any advice would be appreciated as I see that there is a simmilar system advertised on these pages at a pricey $67.00.



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I have tv on my computer for the grand cost of about 30 quid.

I bought a tv card off ebay, installed it and have connected my skybox and French tv satellite box to it via scart to composite cables. It's quite a fun setup, as there are two outputs from the back of the receiver boxes, so one goes to my tv via my surround sound system, the other via a scart switch box to the tv card and sound card on my pc.

From my pc, I have run two vga cables, one to my plasma tv and the other to a widescreen computer monitor in the kitchen so again we can watch tv there.

My pc is also my video recorder and has a dedicated hard drive to record tv too.

As my pc's sole use is for media purposes only, I have downloaded a program called Meedio that collects all my movies, music, pictures together and also controls my tv card program. As the tv card came with a remote control unit, the whole thing can be controlled from the comfort of my armchair.

The other beauty is that my wife and I can watch different things on the two monitors at the same time.

The only downside to it is that I need 6 remote controls to control the whole set up (dvd player, surround sound, tv, pc and the two satellite boxes).

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If you are a customer of Neuf ADSL, you can have french TV on your computer at no extra cost.  There are about 20 channels in all including France 2, 3, 4 and 5 although there is not TF1 or M6 (no loss) .  You just need to download the logicel from the Neuf website. Handy for me to watch the news etc. without turning my motorised  sat dish.




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