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In today's Dépêche du Midi, there is article explaining that TNT will b available in the Lot from 15th June.

The latest coverage map is available here: http://www.tntsat.tv/files/carte_couverture.pdf

The classic way to receive TNT is via the aerial, through a decoder (average cost €70).


transmitters in the Lot will not be upgraded to transmit TNT channels and TNT reception will ONLY be available via satellite.

To receive TNT channels, Lot viewers will have to purchase a TNTSAT decoder, which should be widely available in shops from September (estimated costs €230 without a dish or €430 with a dish)

CanalSat is the official distributor and installers are already waiting for supplies to fulfill existing orders.

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Perhaps just to clarify a bit - it isn't JUST the Lot;  the whole of France (and most of Europe!) will be able (equipment supplies permitting) to benefit from this service (although for Europe you would need a French address to register the card to).

It's also worth pointing out that it isn't the end of the TNT UHF transmitter building programme by any means;  whilst those actually in the Lot valley for example will probably never get terrestrial TNT via an aerial,  the transmitter at La Bastide Haut Mont will EVENTUALLY be equipped with digital TV and coverage in the east of 46 will be greatly extended as a result.   It's also likely that at digital switch over the powers at Bergerac and Pic du Midi will be increased up to near their max permitted levels (200 kW for Pic du Midi if I've done my sums right,  as against the present 13 kW or so).   These powers cannot be attained until the analogue network is closed down.

It isn't also necessarily the case that the €229 will stick -  this is for an over-specified box (with MPEG 4) and HD capability,  niether of which is part of the TNT spec at the moment....   There may well be "pressure" for the box cost to fall.

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...well next time I come and photograph it I'll drop you a PM.


I don't need to tell you (of all people!) to go down to the Auvergne section in the list and then find Aurillac La B do H M.  

It's allocated the usual eight UHF channels in the ITU digital plan,  each at 100 kW (which is fairly belting for digital).   It's possible that only six allocations will actually be used.

Unless the broadcasting (or political) scenery changes drastically before 2010 there are a number of important sites (such as La B de H M and Limoges Les Cars) which will suddenly be opened up when the analogue transmissions go. 

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[quote user="Martinwatkins"]...well next time I come and photograph it I'll drop you a PM.[/quote]

Next time you're around, let me know and drop by for a cuppa!

Weird through that La Bastide should be listed under Auvergne, when it's 'marketed' as the highest point in the Lot, Midi-Pyrénées!

We'll wait for now anyway, although the main French channels are dire, except for a few programs...

I expect that when it comes to the end of analog transmissions, those who haven't got the means to buy the digital gear in zones blanches will be given a helping hand rather than be left without any TV signal at all.

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