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New internet connection for 6 month rental?

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Can anyone give me some advice on setting up a new internet connection.  We are moving out to France initially for 6months in rented accomodation.

We know there is a telephone line already connected and that at least one neighbour has a broadband connection.  We aren't going out till October but like to be prepared!

At the moment we only use Hotmail for emailing and are quite happy to carry on with this.

Any advice on providers etc will be gratefully received.

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If you know the telephone number of the place you intend to rent then you can check for ADSL availability on   www.degrouptest.com   which will also give you details of who's offering what.

I use Teleconnect   http://teleconnect.fr   who do "sans engagement" which means you can cancel at any time and some other ISP's do likewise although there may sometimes be a cancellation fee so read the T&C's carefully before you take the plunge.

Be a little cautious about judging what you might get by what your neighbour has though. It's not at all unknown for adjacent properties to have telephone cables coming via entirely different routes so one property might have a high speed connection but next door can only get 512kb or even worse!

For example; my nearest neighbour is a few hundred meters closer to our village than I yet his line is apparently 1.5km longer than mine (6080m) and whereas I have 2mb he struggles for 512kb.

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