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BBC radio- no signal

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You are correct - all the BBC radio ststions have moved back to the wider beamed satellite. Except, I think for 5 live.

They are now on 11954 H 27500 2/3. Not sure what box you are using, but these are the parameters you need to get them back.



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Oh dear - never have I been accused before of peddling Radio 2.  Quelle honte!

Seriously,   I'm sorry your Grundig hasn't recovered,  but at least Sky boxes don't cost £385 any more (which is what one had to pay for a second non-subsidy box back in 2000)!

Timco - you obviously visit another place regularly!!   I'm ashamed my Dutch is so poor I must say, and wish I'd thought of asking Dutch friends here about the website.   I shall miss that battered 675 kHz signal though,  it made it all the more like Caroline!.    We couldn't get it here in 24 at all until Superloustic went bust last summer,  although in Devon it came (and comes) in fairly well after dark.   You CAN get it on a loopframe in the daytime but it's shafted by ILR Exeter on 666 kHz unless the radio is very selective.  

Still Arrow in stereo (albeit with all the devilish mp3 wolf whistling that accompanies it) is a real revelation!

Perhaps Timco and I had better go off list....!

PS  I keep having to log into Living France suddenly - is it just me?

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No, it's not just you Martin - started sometime yesterday, I think. Had me scratching my head for the password!!

If I can indulge the others on here just a moment - yes, Arrow 675 always brought back the halcyon days of the Mi Amigo album format, with a bit of Veronica thrown in - I think about 95% of my albums were bought because of Caroline in the 70's.

It's good to be able to listen in stereo on the hi fi, but I shall miss it most in the car -  bombing around Normandie - switching between that and FIP.

Right, indulgance over (for the time being, anyway) thanks people.


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