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Problems setting up Freebox - ideas?

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I am in a  non-dégroupé area and have signed up with Free, have installed the Freebox according to both their online manual and manual that came with the box and am confident that it is set up correctly. However, the blinking rectangle isn't changing as it should. I have followed their trouble shooting guide to the letter but no change. I have spoken with a 'technical advisor' but his advice has not helped and their online help system also does not come up with any answers. Does anybody have any idea how to resolve this problem? The previous occupiers had an orange livebox which they used without a problem so I am getting exasperated!

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 i seem to remember when we first signed up with Free it was a few days after receiving the box before our Free connection was activated. if you can access the net via a friend or some other source then enter "mon compte" at the Free site and then "Suivi de ma commande" where it should show stages 1 - 6, something like this:

Nous avons bien recu votre formulaire

d'inscription le vendredi 19 août 2005
Le raccordement de votre ligne a été commandé

chez France Telecom
Accusé/réception de la commande de votre ligne

validée par France Telecom le mercredi 24 août 2005, OKCR
Votre ligne a été cablée le mercredi 24 août 2005
Votre Freebox est en cours d'envoi.

Colis envoyé le 22/08/2005 par Colissimo n° 8V61476689854
Votre connexion est activée.


So, the first question is: has your connection been activated?

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Thanks, but yes, I have covered all of the obvious things and followed the manual to the letter! I can't help but think that it is due to some problem between France Telecom and Free - an exchange problem or something. Either way, I can't get any answers

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have you tried a hard re-boot of the Freebox? disconnect it 4 times (waiting for the caterpillar lines to start each time) and on the fifth time it should be rebooted. other than that ......... maybe take your Freebox to a friends house and check it there?

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I have had similar problems, but have finally found a solution that seems to work. The free box would sometimes crash, and no matter how many times I tried to reboot it, or unplug it, the display would remain locked on "888".  free customer service were useless. In desperation I discovered that if I unplugged all conections to the box, and left it for at least 6 hours, before reconnecting all the wires- finally pluggin it into the wall. The initiation sequence would begin, and hey presto- internet. I have no idea why this works, but have done it many times since and now whenever we go away, i make a point of unplugging everything. problem solved. Hope this helps .
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I had the exact same problem and was eventually solved by an independant technician.  The problem was that our telephone and our fax machine interferred with the ADSL and by simply obtaining another filter it was solved.

Try unplugging all telephones or faxes and only connecting the freebox and I'm sure you'll find it works.  If it does, you will need to buy additional filters for each telephone extension and your probs will be solved.

Fingers crossed




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