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Numbers on Degrouptest

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Thanks bigjim, I know what a contention ratio is but are you sure that this is what it means because 6/10 seems a very odd way to express it when elsewhere it's invariably written as xx:1 ?

Besides which I've just noticed that there is some pop up text which says "Afficher le detail des sections" and even with my c.r.a.p. French that translates to "Post or show the detail of sections", whatever that's supposed to mean.

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OK Ernie,

I found this

La longueur de ligne indiquée correspond à la longueur totale des différentes sections de la ligne, entre votre domicile et le central téléphonique. Le test indique également le câblage utilisé pour votre ligne. Les câbles de diamètre 04/10 sont courants mais causent des pertes plus élevées que des câbles de 06/10 ou 08/10. Une ligne de 2500m câblée en 04/10 est ainsi moins bonne qu'une ligne de 3000m câblée en 06/10.

which suggests that the 6/10 etc describes the relative thickness of the cable... That makes more sense.


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Thanks Danny, sounds more like it and I got your PM this time too.

BTW I believe you have an interest in these things but it seems as though the database for line lengths in my area is wrong because mine is showing 4838m and 50dB attenution but in fact I'm almost exactly 3500m from the center of the village and 50dB equates to this distance much more so then to 4838 when it should be somewhere up in the mid to high 60's.

OK I don't know the precise route of my line but knowing the layout of the locality etc. and where it is likely to be running no way is it anywhere near 4838m plus I'm actually getting a rock solid 2mb when at 4838m I ought to be struggling for more than 1.5mb. My modem is also reporting 50dB and a SNR margin of 20dB plus an attainable speed of up to 6mb which again tallies with a distance of 3500m.

I'm using this chart which gives a good indication of best speed v distance and attenuation albeit on a perfect line  http://www.internode.on.net/adsl2/graph/

I've also checked out both of my neighbours numbers plus one or 2 properties closer to the village and the same applies, the attenuation is consistently 10dB or better than line length would suggest.

I'm currently talking to Teleconnect to try and convince them that they should bump me up to 8mb.

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