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Hibernation problem.

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For a little while now I have been hibernating my laptop instead of shuting it down. Not all the time, but most of it. Just reciently when I try to hibernate it the wonderful (?) machine goes to the screen where it tell one that it is prepairing for hibernation and just sits there. I don't know how long it would sit, but 10 mins were long enough for me and I gently switch it off by belting and holding the power button till the thing goes quiet. Bit like holding it gently by the throat I suppose?

Any ideas please as to why it should suddenly start to do this? Failing that I think that it may need washing down and drying off. The wash is a couple of pints of petrol and the dry is with a match!!!!!!!

Oh how I hate PCs!

P.S. Earnie, the idea of hibernating is wonderful, but when you leave things half done with the idea that you can 'start again from where you left off' goes all pearshaped because of this thing, well??

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