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Problem with Oneroam SIM

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Having finally got our old French SFR mobile phone unlocked, we inserted the new Oneroam SIM to see if it would work. There was an option to choose Temporary or Permanent new SIM, and so we opted for Temporary, not wanting to lose addresses etc.  (Also planning to buy new cheap mobile phone in UK next week, for using the Oneroam SIM.)

We can get to the Oneroam menu OK, but when we try to phone, using 00 33 ...etc, it just gives those three rising beeps and says "Outgoing. Activated" before abandoning the call. 

We cannot access any other services from the Oneroam Menu - it says "This handset does not support Service for Travelsim", which I assume means we can't do anything because we opted for the temporary option.

I have emailed Oneroam, who suggested a prefix to all calls, but this doesn't work either, so we are waiting for their next response.  Anyone got any ideas?

Chrissie (81)

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Well, miraculously this morning everything is working fine, including the menus such as "check balance"!  We can both make and receive calls.

Perhaps the new SIM took time to get activated or maybe (more likely) the SFR deblockage took some time to actually take effect....


The Oneroam helpdesk were quick to respond and very helpful, I must say.


Chrissie (81)
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