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Idiot's guide needed

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Can anyone tell me how to do the following:

I want my PC to share the ADSL connection which I use for my laptop.

The PC runs on Windows ME and it's an HP Pavilion 7929, which, according the the HP site, uses its USB port for ADSL connection.

I have a Neuf box which did not come with a USB dongle (?), but does offer that option.

What do I need?

Where do I get it

How do I go about it?

Any suggestion gratefully received... [:)]

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Hi Claire,

You can connect the PC in one of three ways

1 by ethernet cable - most simple. just plug the cable in to the PC network slot (assuming it has one) and then one of the PC slots on the Neufbox. it is now connected ! You should have received an ethernet cable with your Neufbox.

2 USB cable - usually you install the software for this first from the cd and then plug the cable in to the PC and then to the Neufbox

3 wifi (or wireless, i.e. sans fil) - for this you will need a USB wifi "dongle" or PC card. If it is a USB dongle you install the software and plug the dongle in to an available USB slot. You may have to adjust settings in your neufbox for wifi and possibly put the settings for the dongle so they can speak to each other. If you use a PC card (internal), you will have to open up the case and install in a spare slot and then follow the same prcedure for the USB dongle. IOt is probably easier to use a USB dongle (more properly called an adapter) if you have a spare slot.

EDIT>>>something like this for a USB dongle or something like this for a PC card. This is installed inside the PC.

Is your laptop already connected by wifi or cable?

See this page on the Neuf site for more info on how to connect by wifi



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Hi Danny and thanks for the suggestions. I hope you'll be kind enough to help some more...

The PC does not have an ethernet slot and, according to the HP website, it seems the only way to connect it via ADSL is one of its USB ports.

Can I simply plug any wifi adapter into the PC USB post or do I need to get one specific to the Neufbox, like one of these?

I do not have a USB cable (the Neuf kit did not contain one). Are they all the same or is this specific to the box?

As I already use wifi for the laptop, how would I configure the Neufbox to work with USB and wifi?

Sorry, many basic questions...

Thanks again.

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OK, You could get a network card for ethernet cable if you wish to use ethernet cable and install that - if there is a spare slot inside the PC... it looks like this and is pretty cheap, if you have space for it...It basically just adds a network slot to your PC, into which you can plug in the ethernet cable.

If you don't fancy that, you could ask Neuf for a USB cable ( they normally come in the pack) and connect by USB cable direct. or buy a dongle from Neuf too if you want.

Or, yes, you can use any USB dongle, install it and connect by wifi.

If you use the USB dongle, that will be two wifi (sans fil) connections at the same time. You can connect as many as you want in theory.

If you use a USB cable (and you can use any cable if the connections - embouts - are right ) see this guide from Neuf , then it just works together at the same time as the WIFI. I dont think the Neufbox needs any particular configuration for that. You have to install the drivers for the USB cable from the CD on to the PC first, then plug it together.

Is that OK...

Let me know if that helps or if you need more info


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  • 2 weeks later...

An update:

I have to apologise for wasting Danny's time, as, on closer inspection, it appears my PC has an ethernet connection and connecting it to the Neuf modem only took a couple of minutes. [:$]

I am in the process of bringing the software up to date and I'll be up and running before the end of the day.

Thank you, Danny, for taking the trouble to help.

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