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Freebox ADsl in France

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 In April we took out a 1 year minimum contract with www. free.fr for free adsl, free phone calls in France and international and free TV. 3 weeks after the Freebox (router) was set up it stopped working. Despite Free agreeing that the box is defective and setting an exchange point for a new Freebox nearly 3 months later still nothing. We have faxed them, emailed and used their support system but although they say it is being actioned, nothhing happens.

Can anybody advise us as to whether we can cancel the contract though bad service, or if there is a consumer service we can contact to resolve this. We would be so grateful foe nay advice. 


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Hello johnd and welcome to the forum.

I have moved your post from the legal section to the internet/phone section, where it will be motre noticed.

The subject of unsatisfactory service from ISPs and telephone suppliers has been looked at in the following threads:

Cancelling a contract: see here and amend accordingly http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/877695/ShowPost.aspx

Unsatisfactory service: see here http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/890569/ShowPost.aspx

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