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Need to cancel Aol France account

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I now have Orange Livebox set up and need to cancel my account with Aol France. I can't find a contact number for this. Please can anyone help and does anyone know the correct procedure to make sure my French Aol account is cancelled?
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This has been covered many times in general terms.

Cancelling a contract: see here and amend accordingly http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/877695/ShowPost.aspx

It is unlikely that you will be able to cancel with a simple tel call.

Most ISPs require a registered letter with proof of delivery (Recommandé avec accusé de réception) and a notice of up to 2 months before the renewal date of your contract.Some contract are renewed for 12 months, so you would need to contact therm 2 months before that date.

Make a note of the specific address where you must send your letter, it might be different from their usual address.

For specifics, you must read your contract (Conditions Générales d'Utilisation or CGU)with AOL France.

The section which should give you all the info is usually called "RESILATION".

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AOL France are a pain to deal with.  They charge you 34 cents / minute to listen to their so called help line, even the English spoken one, then just hang up on you when you try to speak French in an English accent.  They are the pits !!  You must, as Clair says, write a letter stating clearly that you want to cancel your contract without delay, it'll still take them 2 / 3 months, but it's the only way.  They don't even have the curtesy to call you to say your contract is cancelled, you only find out when the credit card transactions stop !!  To cancel my account, I even tried to get the bank to stop the payments, but they couldn't because it was a monthly credit card debit and not a direct debit. 

AOL France are a total opposite to AOL UK, who I found to be most helpful, any time of day or night and it was a free call, not so AOL France.  Stay away from this ISP is my advice. [:P]

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