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ADSL no telephone or TV

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Does any ADSL provider in France offer just ADSL Max without telephone and Television?.  All the major ISP's seem to have bungled packages and I don't want to change the FT line to VOIP.  Neither am I interested in TV.

I am trying to advise a friend who lives in Morbihan how to upgrade his 512mb connection with Orange without the add ons.

Many thanks in anticipation


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Yes, Orange will provide a simple ADSL connection but they don't make it obvious. Current prices are as follows:

1mB:  €24,90 pm

8mB:  €29,90 pm

18mB:  €34,90 pm

The old 512k sagem adsl modem that used to be supplied by Wanadoo (now Orange) will work fine up to 1mB but you may need to check to see if it will cope with higher speeds. If not, then just buy your own adsl modem / router to do the job.

The easiest way to sort it out is to go into your local France Telecom shop. Be sure to make it very clear that you do not require a Livebox.

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Cheers Eslier,

The Orange website doesn't make it easy.  Last time I was in France I set up his connection (then Wanadoo) but supplied him with a D-Link wireless router (not a fan of the Livebox) as his notebook is networked to a desktop P.C.  So will search Orange again and try to find just ADSL.



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