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Re: Using phone through livebox -help!

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Um... when we went into Darty, we were told certain types of phone don't work with the Livebox and that the phone needs to be digital (I think). Think your best bet would be to go into an FT shop and source the correct phone. Perhaps take the phone you've been trying into FT and confirm it is compatible first before looking further.

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I use a hands free phone, but I too could not tell you whether it is digital or not, plugged into my live box with the special connector which came with the livebox. However it says on orange web site that you will know if your phone is compatible if there is a blip when you press a button on the handset.

At this link there is also a list of compatible phones should you wish to buy another


The light should be constant when the phone is not in use but blink when it is being used.

You still need your live box plugged into an adsl filter in the phone socket too.

Do you know how to get into your account on the orange web site? you could check there to make sure everything is activated.


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And just found this on the orange.co.uk web site regarding activation of phone with livebox.

switch your Livebox off and on again at the power socket. After a minute the phone symbol on top of your Livebox will light up and you'll be ready to make calls over broadband

same procedure here I woul imagine, our box is switched off every night so I would not have noticed any different.

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