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I received an email, proportedly from ebay and from someone that I had supposeldy sold something to, asking for feedback.

I didn't recognise the transaction and it immediately rang alarm bells.

I clicked on the ebay link in the mail to see what the item was and got a screen asking for my user ID and password when I looked at the address bar it showed :


so some Russian scumbag was trying to harvest my ebay credentials !

Obviously I didn't enter any details but went and changed my password anyhow.

Checking my email headers reveals that the format of the message was different from other genuine ebay emails and also my Yahoo mail normally reports that messages have been domain checked and are indeed from ebay which this one wasn't.

This is quite a sophisticated phishing scam which could well catch out the less wary so take care ! 

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Isn't rule number one of internet safety - Don't click on links from within Emails?

I regularly get Emails supposedly from most of the UK banks and building societies asking for me to click the link and confirm my details etc. A bank or any legitimate company would never ask you to do that. They would ask you to sign in from their website.

Scammers have ruined Ebay. I sold a phone on there about a year ago clearly stating that would not send to any country outside the EU. When the auction ended I got an email from the Nigerian scammer called Martin Brown who was supposedly in the Netherlands. He asked if I could send it to his sister in Nigeria because it was her birthday present, I agreed provided that he paid first via Western Union. [;-)] Strangly never heard from him since! [:D]

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I absolutely agree and any unsolicited or unexpected mail I get normally goes straight into the trash however this was a first from "ebay" and prima facia looked the real article as you would get from ebay if you say asked a seller a question or responded to one asked of you annd I could see where unsuspecting folks might fall for this one when they may not for the common bank scams.

I have to say that I've been an ebayer since 1999 and have never had a spot of bother in around 300 transactions, both buying and selling. 

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