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Two PCs on Live Box or Yellow Connection

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This week has been a strange mixture of good news and bad news on the computer front  - Good News:


Finally cured the switch on and wait till the PC does not respond the keyboard or mouse then do a warm reboot problem. Answer remove the mouse cable extender and drill a couple of holes through the desk so the cable run to the mouse is short enough.


Purchased a push switch in Maplin in the UK and discovered than it fitted straight on to the motherboard. Result I no longer have a light switch on the floor which I turn on Reginald Dixon ( Rick Wakeman if under 50) like with my foot every time I want to boot the PC.


Installed Fast Ethernet PCI Adaptor that worked straight out of the box.


Moved up from dial up to ADSL with almost no hitches.


Bad News: I have opted for Ethernet because:  The walls are so thick and wet even 15 metres is a problem. My skull is so thin and boney I have some doubts about how safe the radiation is.  Before anybody describes me as an echo freak can I point out I have lived through there being proven scientific information that there was :


No risk of transmission to humans from BSE

Human Growth Hormones obtained from paid for blood being safe.

Thalidomide not posing any second-generation risk 


Worst News


I cannot work out how to connect two PCs to ASDN via the Ethernet . New posting follows.


We have a good Orange Live box connection via Wanadoo. Purchased so I did a seamless transition from dialup. Installed Ethernet connection from ‘Port Ethernet rouge’ and everything is great via Red Connection even if I use a grey cable to the PC upstairs,. Ideally I would like to be able to use both PCs at the same time. As a fall back either PC so we shout ‘are you on line’ before we log on. The Yellow Connection / Port  for Ethernet is there what do I need to do to make it work ?


Sorry about posting accross forums but willbe interested in the result














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Hi Anton, I am a bit rusty about this, but there are 2 ethernet connectors on your livebox. I have our tower on one and laptop on the other one. At first the second one is for the TV, BUT you can zap the TV and tell it to turn off and it magically becomes the second ethernet connector.

go to http://configuration.adsl , click on the red line of text. It will bring up a small window requesting username and password. Enter 'admin' for both and enter. The 'TV over ADSL' box needs to be changed to 'Disable' and then you will be able to use both the ethernet sockets for your PCs just as I have for about 2 years now. No problems with wireless integrety!!

The original web pages on wanadoo have changed now, but the link still works!!

Good luck...

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