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Internet problems sending email

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Hi there,

I see there is a similar problem further down with this but that seems to be with Alice, hence a separate thread. 

I wonder if anyone out there has a problem with sending email from Outlook (but not receiving emails) at the moment - we are with France Telecom/Orange.  They are adamant it is a 'UK server' issue but the error message that comes up on the screen when we try to send emails says there is a problem with the internet and to contact our internet provider.  It says there may be too many users, etc.  There are a couple of other people we know who have the same problem but we cannot seem to get to the bottom of it.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks

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I think people would need to know the

mail server you are trying to "contact". Whilst you say

you are in France connected to Wanadoo/Orangeyou could be using a

wanadoo.fr or orange.fr mail server or if e.g. you are often in the

UK you might be using a wanadoo.co.uk or whatever mailserver. Sounds

like it might be a problem with the mailserver end (e.g. some of them

are down or being upgraded or something) thus loading the others a

lot more.

I use the Wanadoo secure servers (in

France - i.e. .fr ones) and have not had any error messages from

Outlook over the last few days (including today) and my Outlook

checks for mail automatically every 5 mins.


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Is this a new problem?  Were you previously able to send emails via Outlook when you were in France?

Have you logged into your email account on the UK provider's website & tried to send mail from there?  Sometime the servers are having problems.

If it is truly an Outlook problem, you may need to change some settings.  What port are you using to send mail?  Does your  UK provider allow you to send mail via alternate ports?  Are you sure you have entered the correct security settings?

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Thanks for your replies.  Problem seems to be solved.  After trawling the internet, we changed the Outgoing Server from 25 to 26 (as suggested in this forum also) and it worked.  Not that I understand the techno-speak behind all of this but my husband does.  So we seem, fingers crossed, to have resolved the problem, thank goodness.


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