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Ex-directory and getting off call centre lists

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Can anybody tell me how one would get off a call centre list (one of those when they dial hundreds of numbers and the first to answer gets the sales call, everyone else gets a dead line - very annoying!)

Also, I've suddenly appeared in the telephone directory - I asked that I not be included when the phone was installed, but I'm in the new one - how do I make sure I'm not in the new one (or any subsequent ones)?

Thank you

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Assuming you are with France Telecom:

There are several free services which can be taken up from the FT website: http://www.agence.francetelecom.com/masquer vos coordonnées

  • Liste orange is if you don't want any marketing calls. Marketing

    companies can get your number even if you're on the liste orange, as

    the Ft directories can be purchased by anyone. So any personne listed there

    is a target. The only garantee you'll have is that FT will not have

    SOLD your number directly to them...
  • Liste chamois is if you don't want to be listed in the annuaire.
  • Liste

    will do both and also prevent your number being given out by

    directory enquiries. Despite the scary looking advice shown on FT's

    website, it will NOT stop emergency services from contacting you, but

    it will prevent any Joe Bloggs from getting your number "in case of

    emergency". Presumably, anyone you know and trust already has your tel number, so

    choosing not to be listed is the ONLY option to ensure FT does not

    print/publish your contact details, therefore, stopping any marketing

    company from getting hold of them.
  • Secret permanent will stop your number being displayed or redialled from 3131 on all your calls
  • Secre appel par appel will do the saem on individual calls..
I used to be on liste orange when FT used to charge for liste rouge, then went on liste rouge when it became free. I have NEVER received any marketing call.

If you are not with France Telecom, you have to specifically request your tel supplier not to be included in the directory.

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I believe that as in the UK a call centre will be in breach o its terms and conditions if it calls a Liste Orange number. Certainly yht few calls we received after first registering were pretty applogetic. We have not received any at our new number which was Liste Orange from day one.
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