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Windows Vista & Orange livebox

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Hi  This is not a problem yet, however I feel it might be & I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations!

When we were in France in the summer at our house in department 46, we subscribed to Orange Livebox for telephone via the internet & broadband.  However  at the time we didn't have our laptop with us! So couldn't try it out anyway. The phone could be used via ordinary through France telecom.

We now have a new computer back in the UK which is on a Windows Vista operating system.  Since getting this we have had a few problems getting our English broadband set up and I was on the phone for 95minutes to our ISP to get this sorted.  Seems OK now!

I have a nasty feeling when I take the laptop to France at Xmas & try to set up Orange Livebox on it I will encounter difficulties!!  I may just be being pesimistic but somehow I don't think so!  Does anyone know anything about livebox and/or have any instructions in English that I can try, as all are in French naturally & my French is not THAT good!  Is there a helpdesk out there where I can get help with this if I need it (English speaking)?

Just reading Will's recommendation FAQ's, I am wondering if the disk that came to set up livebox will work on this computer?



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You have to get a new CD from Orange for Windows Vista.  They don't appear to have a English speaking line but you could ask for an English speaking operator, they do have a few, however, you can order the CD on the help line number, it does ask if you want the Vista upgrade.  "dial 2 or 3 option"

Orange UK use the Livebox so have a look at their website for operating and installation instructions for a livebox, the included instructions from Orange fr are quite pictorial but my original set up to WI-FI was hard as my PC kept finding the old modem, so I took it out in the end.  Good luck

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You don't actually need the Orange CD in order to set up the Livebox - you can do it manually through Windows.

Boot up the computer into desktop.  Set up the Livebox by connecting it to the power supply and phone socket (don't forget the filter).  The Livebox will initialise and go through its self diagnosis routine.  Once that's done, press the button on the back to put it into association mode.

Windows will now recognise the existence of the Livebox and display a pop-up.  Click on this to display it's ID - something like Livebox-A123.  Select that and Windows will present you with a connection box where you enter the network authentication type (Shared) data encryption type (WEP) and the network key (this is the long security code which you'll find on a sticker on the Livebox).  You will now have established a Wifi connection between your computer and the Livebox.

Next stage is to configure your Livebox, so open your browser and type in the address bar.  This gives you access to the configuration software in the Livebox.  Click on the access link and complete the access box (User name Admin, password Admin).

Select Configuration from the menu and change the language to English.

Select My Services, then Internet Connection/Change.

Under Internet Connection Parameters, enter your login ID (fti/*******) and login password.  The Livebox will now establish a permanent broadband connection to your ISP and you will now have access to the internet.

The final step is to set up your e-mail ID and password which is done via Outlook/Outlook Express - Tools/Accounts/Add/ etc. 


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So the Orange CD that you have to phone up for, is only necessary if you already have a Livebox and upgrade your software to Windows Vista?  Windows Vista will configure a new livebox installation from scratch? 

When I installed my Livebox I could not get an Inventel WI-FI dongle to find the Livebox even with the CD, it just would not talk to the Livebox, in the end I had to change it for a Sagem and then I had to use the orange CD to identify it to the Livebox, but that process did follow the steps that SD had described above. Quite easy after that to put another PC on WI-FI though, but that was with the orange CD that came with the dongle.

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According to the original post, the computer with Vista on it is new one which is being used back in the UK - it's the laptop which is coming over to France. 

The process I described assumes that the laptop is running under XP and is already fitted with a Wifi card (most are) therefore it will have the drivers installed for the card to work and therefore communicate with the Livebox.  Anyone not having an exisitng Wifi card will have to use the Inventel/Sagem Wifi dongle and install the drivers from the CD.

The OP hasn't responded to any of this yet - I wonder if that's because everything's been sorted....[;-)]


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My new laptop has got Vista on it.  It is this one which will be coming to France to have Livebox installed on it.  However, I brought the livebox french instructions back to the uk with me and when looking again there is a separate disk enclosed which says 'windows vista' - so you never know I might be able to get this going Ok.

All I can do is try - thanks for all your input.  I will keep you posted once I've tried it!  Won't be till after Xmas though!

Wish me luck!



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