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If you own a house in the middle of knowhere in france and dont have a tv licence but watch tv, How likley is it that they will catch you, the poste van comes down during the week, someone said they are the spys for the french goverment, would they look for my sky dish on the the wall
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You're unlikely to be "caught" - there are no detector vans in France.

But do you really have the confidence to fill in the form that exempts you from the licence fee (paid via the tax d'habitation),  when you in fact DO have a TV?

They've really got you if they DO find out, as you will have filled in and signed a form with inaccurate info....

If your TV won't get French TV because it's a PAL/system I set,  then a good way of learning the language (if you don't know it already) is to buy a French TV and tune in.   Then you'll have justified the licence fee.

I'm not trying to lecture you,  but when in Rome  etc etc

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