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Sky + and Sky HD Boxes

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Can you buy these Sky+ boxes and Sky HD boxes be bought direct from shops in the Uk or are they only available either mail order from SKY or Sky distributors or from Ebay etc? Only I have a day free in the Uk soon and was wondering how to obtain one. The problem is I don't know what day I'll be there yet so cannot order one to be delivered.


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Unless you really can't do without a Sky sub I'd wait for the BBC/ITV freesat package to arrive (next March apparently).

Whilst it won't in the immediate future give any more FTA channels than you can get at the moment,  the EPG will be revolutionised,   and it will offer a "free" way to the forthcoming "public-service" HD programmes.  It is thought that Ch 4 won't be far behind in joining up once their contract with Sky expires.

Finally it may herald the dawn of an era when people stop assuming that "British satellite = Sky subscription".    A formula that Sky have been peddling for years.

But if you're happy to pay Sky then that's fine too.  But as Anton says do watch out for some of the pitfalls of taking fancy Sky boxes abroad.

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There is no need to go to the UK. You can buy either through www.brittany-satellites.com for delivery/installation anywhere in France. You will need a Sky subscription including at least one of Sky Sports or Sky Movies or pay an extra £10 a month, to be able to use the full facilities of Sky+. If you don't have such a subscription, they can arrange that for you as well. I find mine great as I enjoy many of the programs transmitted later ( because of the time difference) and can skip through the adverts at great speed!

I know there are many who constantly moan about Sky but, 'you pays your money and makes your choice,' as they say. I wouldn't be without mine - especially with more Heineken Cup rugby coming up soon!!

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