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Computer problem - anyone help please?

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All of a sudden everything on the computer screen has gone 'ghosty'. I've tried 'sharpen image' but that doesn't help. I wondered if it might be a virus - we've got AVG and Zone Alarm and I've got AVG to do a full scan but it's found nothing.

Can anyone suggest what's wrong, and more importantly, how to fix it?

Many thanks


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From what you say it sounds more like a physical problem than a virus.

What sort of screen is it?

LCD? (Flat & thin)

CRT? (Traditional big box)

When you say it's 'ghosty' do you mean that the image is low in contrast or that it's fuzzy and blurred?

Are you using this computer/monitor to read this question? [8-)]

Have you checked that the monitor cable is plugged into the computer properly?

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