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Hello all[:D]

Can anyone help me please? I have a holiday home in Narbonne Plage. I travel there in my motor home and park outside my home. My motorhome has an 80cm  OYSTER dish with  Pace Sky  Minibox to work with my Pal/Secam television. I have had SKY channels on in the Camargue South France and all over France, however this year could not get Sky channels anywhere in France this visit.

I usually start my Sky setup by the following: Turn on television, put channel 1 on, then turn on my sky digibox, point my sky remote at digibox to get standby green light, At top I press button on the left in my box ,Then press 2 black buttons to get my Oyster dish up on top of my van.The Oster finds the satellite after few minutes,when dish settled I press 551 aiming another remote control at the sky box, if this stays on 155, then Das Ertz a german channel comes on, then usually ok, so I then press right button at top, then with tele remote control to channel 2, then after little while SKY should come on. However it did not do anything last time in France. So I have now got Sky Tv on in my van here in the UK, but its not on 155 on sky box anymore its LOO.[:)]

Has anyone got any idea why this has changed and will this solve my problems when I am in France?[:D]

Thanks for any ideas or info..


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What a confusing post!

If you can look up and see the blue sky above you then there should be no problem for your dish to see the correct satellite from anywhere in France. The numbers that you press on your remote controls mean nothing to most of us as we have fixed dishes and just switch the system on and it works.

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[quote user="carol"]

Can anyone help me please? I have a holiday home in Narbonne Plage. Carol[:D]


Carol, I did PM you in response to your e-mail, but then thought I might as well put this on the open forum.

The short answer is yes, you can get SKY at Narbonne Plage.  As to why your existing set up on your van doesn't work, I have no idea.  Is it wooded?  Is the dish big enough for the south of france(though at 80 cm should be)?  For your holiday home, you can either opt for a full sky installation if there are specific sky subscription channels you want, or go to any of the brico sheds and buy a digital satellite installation with a universal LNB, point it at ASTRA, and watch all the free to air stuff on sky (I think they are about €70ish, but don't quote me!).  As long as each end has scart sockets, you can use an english TV.

Hope this helps.


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