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TNT is on Astra 19.2 whereas Sky is at 28 degrees.

So you will need either a complete additional dish. or a two headed thingy for you existing dish.

TNT is also encrypted, so you will need to buy a dedicated receiver capable of receiving the one-off purchase TNT card. These are supposed to be readily available in the DIY outlets, but there have been some shortages from time to time.


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TNT is basically a terrestrial service, received via the aerial, like Freeview in Britain. Although you can get the TNT transmissions via satellite too.

Our French TV has a built in TNT decoder, and works with a Sky box for British programmes. If your French TV doesn't have a decoder, and you are in an area where TNT can be received through the aerial, you just need an inexpensive decoder box, like a Freeview receiver. In fact just about all the more recent Freeview receivers will receive TNT in France.

You can find the decoders in supermarkets, the TV section of the local or national paper will show you what programmes are scheduled for the TNT channels. http://www.tnt-gratuite.fr/ tells you about the channels and whether you can receive them - note that not all transmitters seem to have all the channels. Some of the channels need a subscription.


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