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Vista question

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[quote user="Clair"]My "Recent Documents" list shows documents I opened some time ago and when I look into the list, the most recent ones are right at the bottom of the list.
Is there a way to change how the list is organised?[/quote]

Hi Clair

I have Vista, are you talking about the folder 'Documents' ? If so I think you can click on the tab along the top that says 'date modified' and the dates will change from oldest to newest or click again to return to oldest

Hope this is what you need!

If not, sorry

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Hi Clair,

I have tried to change the 'Recent Items' display in the start menu but to no avail.  Mine shows the last 15 items in Alphabetical order, not date.  However if you right click on 'Recent Items', left click on 'open' you will find ALL the items in date modified order, not quite as bad as searching the whole computer for the document/programme/picture.



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Hi tel

This is seriously annoying.

In all previous Windows systems, the "Recent Items" list used to be updated with the most recently accessed item at the top of the list. The idea was to have the items no more than two clicks away.

This alphabetical listing is pointless and I might as well open the Docs or Images folders to find what I want ... Grrrrrr[:@]

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