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US citizen fingerprinting?

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Long story - will condense.

US citizen married to Italian citizen, wishing to live short term in France.

Needs to be fingerprinted at police station in order to apply for Italian passport.

The form then needs to be sent to the FBI for verification.

Can anyone please tell me which police stations [any, all, some]?

We are in Evian [natch]. Local PS closed down 2 years ago.

Nearest one Thonon-les-Bains, but very provincial. Does the applicant have to go to a major regional centre such as Annecy? Thanks for all knowledgeable advice.

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Has it got to be a police station?? The gendarmeries and the police are not the same in France, have they specified? Also Mairies take finger prints for Carte d'Identite.

Surely the most logical place to go would be the italian consulate in Geneva, you are not far from Geneva. Or maybe I have this quite wrong.

Rue Charles-Galland 14

1206 Genève

Standard :  +41 22 839 67 44 

Télecopie :  +41 22 839 67 45 

courriel : consolato.ginevra@esteri.it

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