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I hope this isn't too far off-topic for this board.

Living in a fairly rural area (dept. 22), I'm struggling to find a way of hiring DVDs conveniently.

There's a machine in my village, but it's only got about 20 films in it. You can hire DVDs without membership with a carte bancaire, or get a preferential rate with membership. Trouble is, I've no idea how to get membership. The website address on the machine is a dud, so the whole operation looks a bit iffy to me.

The other alternative is to join a postal club like this one:


It seems like a good idea, as the library looks fairly sizeable, but it costs € 14 a month for up to three films a month.

Does anyone here use any of these postal clubs?

Does anyone have any views on who has the best deal/service/library?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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I have a HUGE DVD collection (mostly English and US though).  It's occured to me that - as it's impossible to watch over 1000 at the same time - there might be other people interested in seeing some of these, although I would always want them back (I am a real magpie and cannot part with anything).  I wonder if we might not, as forum members, set up our own rental system - not exactly that because no money would be involved, beyond postage and packing costs.
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Those that use the French postal services, do you find the quality to be ok?

I was a member of the Tesco version in UK, and found that maybe a third of the discs I received were scratched to hell and unplayable.

Im not quite sure how people manage to get discs so bady damaged and dirty just by transferring it from box to player and back.

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Just a funny story - a friend of mine joined one of these mail-DVD rental programs a few years ago, but eventually had to stop because everyone kept stealing the DVD's from her mailbox!!! (neighbors, the postman, etc).   Which explains why the prices are so much higher than back home, LOL!!

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