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Sound and picture synchronisation (or lack of) from a satellite

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Not specifically a french question, but maybe someone can help.

I watch UK TV from the Astra28 satellite. Recently, the sound and the picture have been drifting out-of-synch. I can usually cure this (more or less) by switching the digi-box off for 20-30 seconds, but I seem to be having to do this more and more frequently.

Has something changed to make it worse, or is it just my imagination? Is there anything better I can do to fix it, or must I just bear it?


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Out of a rack full of 20 identical Panasonic Sky boxes for our entertainment system offshore there is just one which regularly gets out of "lip sync" as it's called and a momentary prod on the power button always brings it back.

Clearly nothing to do with dish alignment in this case then as the other 19 boxes work faultlessly 24/7/365 and I have to say it's not something I've ever previously witnessed in the fair number of systems I've set up over the years.

Not saying it's impossible you understand and do check the dish alignment but sadly my money's on a failing box.................[:(]


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I'm with Ernie - I have seen this on a Freeview box in the UK but not a Sky box (which is what we are presuming is playing up here). The Freeview box incidentally was not on it's way out though -  a software update sorted it out. That problem shouldn't apply to a Sky box - assuming it's got all it's updates.


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Thanks for the ideas, people.

I don't think it's the dish as (A) it was only installed in January and reception seemed OK then, (B) I've just checked signal strength and quality, and it says they're 80% and 70% respectively and (C) it's a double dish that also picks up French TV on Astra19 (?) and this still works. In synch

Nor should it be the digi-box, I'd have thought, also because of its newness?

It's not a Sky box - it's a cheap and cheerful from one of the bricos, called a Visionic Slim 3 (but I believe it's also available as a Kyostar). If the software is back level, I may have a problem, as I can't find any site from which to download an upgrade.

I had planned to replace it later this year anyway with a receiver that will pick up Freesat (specifically C4 and C5), so I guess I can live with it till then.

Thanks for the help, it's appreciated.

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On Saturday morning on BBC News there was a g**k, AKA highly skilled person, stonewalling about there recent reorganisation of which both satellites and clusters BBC was being broadcast from. If you are using the same box for both French TV and Sky compare the signal strength readings on French channels with BBC. ( Unlike Sky Digiboxes dedicated numerique receivers normally show signal strenght for the channels you are watching) . I presume you have separately mounted LNBs on an arm and that you can adjust the one used for Sky independantly of the French one.   
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BBC have been moving transponders and frequencies. My installation had dropped from 100% strength and 90% quality to 90% strenth and 85% quality. Slight problems on BBC 1 but New 24 was giving problems. Could not acheive any improvement on the default transponder. Main problem on BBC1 was an occasional  shriek / breaking glass sound and much more frequent sound breakdown on Classic FM.

Switched from the default transponder and found 60% strength and 40% quality on News 24. Carefully adjusted and reached 80% strength and 90% quality. The default transponder now shows 100% strength and 95% quality and everything perfrect except during thunder storms.

The BBC are receiving enough calls to have stock answer 'changes may have exposed a weakness in existing instalations'  Link to Satcure site below.


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