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moving with my son

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Hi !

We want to move to France for our son's education

he is two years old now, we are from Hong Kong!

what type of visa we should get ?

if I set up a company, will it help?

should my son go to public or private ?

any company help us doing all that?


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Your financial status isn't really clear. Like do you want financial aid to take your son to France for studies or are your stable? Have you applied to any schools for your son? A detailed question would really help me to answer you properly. So what I can gather from your question is you are not sure about the Visa. So I think the first thing you should do is apply to various schools for your son. If he gets accepted then I guess you apply for a study Visa. If the time period is of 90 days then it will be a short-term visa but if it exceeds 90 days then you will have to apply for a long-term visa. If you want to start a company there then there is this link where a different visa for businesses is listed down. Please take a look at this link

I hope I have been able to help you
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