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Phone via livebox - messagerie problem

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We now have our phone connected via our livebox and are subscribed to the internet/phone illimité offer.

We still pay our line rental to FT but that is all we pay them as abviously our phone and internet are included in the internet forfait.

The problem is that I cannot get our phones to recieve messages via the 3103 or 888 messagerie service . People think they are leaving messages but they are never there. I have activated the phone over ADSL via the livebox set up, and also been onto "mon compte" on orange and activated the messagerie. I have also rung in from a mobile phone and tried pressing hash (diez) as instructed after leaving my message but it still does not work.

This is a different messaging servive than via a standard FT line because when you dial in (either 3103 or 888) you get a different welcome message.

I was wondering if it is necessary to activate the "messagerie vocale enriché service" for an extra 1.5 euros a month via FT for it to work ??

Surely there must be people out there who use the telephone illimité service and have the free answerphone setup working - or not?

I do have an actual answerphone on my house phone base station, but the problem is that the base station is plugged into the livebox (obligatory) which is upstairs,  and I have to go upstairs to activate the seperate answephone each time I go into the garden or down to the shops. In any case I would prefer to use the in built service if possible.

Any ideas anyone?

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