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E-mail problem : unintelligible message

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I have tried to send an e-mail to a relative in the UK with a hotmail.com address, but it was not delivered.  The following explanation was offered:

"host mx4.hotmail.com[] said: 550 SC-002

   Mail rejected by Windows Live Hotmail for policy reasons. The mail server

   IP connecting to Windows Live Hotmail has exhibited namespace mining


My ISP is orange.fr.  Previous e-mails to the same address have been successful.  My message did not contain any obscene or controversial words.

Does anyone have any idea what this means or what I should do about it?


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Nothing to do with your message - obscene or not.

What it is saying is that the Hotmail server has been 'attacked' at some time by the orange server and someone has tried to get email addresses (namespace mining) to generate Spam.  I seem to remember this happening before with Orange messages especially from Orange.fr.

Not much you can do, it will revert back to it's old behaviour in a week or two or more.  Meantime you might want to get a Gmail account (which is tons better than Hotmail anyway)

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I would first try sending another message to the same recipient, don't do a forward, do a new email (such as a test) and ask the receiver to confirm receipt. If this works then your problem would appear to be resolved (probably just a hiccup in hotmail's servers).

If it fails, come back and let us know, I'm sure we'll can find a way to help you.

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Pierre is most likely right, you could try sending your message with something other than 'hi' or 'hello' and 'update' in the subject line,the list goes on, sometimes it is the way spam filters are set, I have had mail bounced back for leaving the subject empty too. As Pierre said it may well be service as normal after a while, good luck.


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