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ADSL line goes off when dark...help please

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I have internet and phone with free.fr.

My line details are

Informations techniques facultatives réservées à un public averti !

Ligne téléphonique : ** ** ** ** **

Raccordée actuellement en offre Freebox Only 2432 Kbits


Longueur : 3940 mètres

Affaiblissement : 45 dB

But when it gets dark the signal becomes very weak and finally breaks down and the connextion remains down till the next morning once it is light when it eventually reconnects

I seem to get no help or advice from free.fr.....any ideas what may be the cause and any remedies

Thanks and hoping


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I do remember reading about your problem back in the winter.   Have you taken soundings in the village/town/locality where you are to see if other people are having the same problem?  If it were a medium-wave interference problem I'd expect others on the same line route as you to be similarly afflicted,  unless you are very isolated on the end of a long run of cable.   If it is an interference problem there are filters that FT could fit,  but how on earth you'd prove that it was the case I really don't know.    It's unlikely to be a local transmitter as you'd suffer the problem in the daytime too,  if it is interference it'll be something strong from afar bouncing off the ionosphere when it gets dark.

It is rather baffling....

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Thanks for info..I am near Perpignan......a village called Villelongue dels Monts......just tomention for our free.fr servive we do not have an FT line that we pay for.....I think it is inc in the monthly free.fr.....any ideas how I can about the problem with FT

Many thabnks

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Ah well if you are degroupée then you that avenue (of complaining to FT) is closed off to you as all technical matters will be dealt with - at first call - by Free.

I asked about the location in case you were near a MW transmitter that fired up to take advantage of night time ionospheric conditions,  the only one in France that I could think of that does this was Roumoules 1467 kHz but a) that's a fair distance from you and b) it's outside the ADSL band of frequencies (although if you were next door to it I would suspect it would have some impact)

Which leaves you (sadly) with continuing to bash your head against Free's walls and/or to take soundings from other ADSL users near you.    I'm no expert but I'd probably also try and borrow a bog standard ADSL modem and see if you can get that to synchronise at night,  just in case there's a fault (maybe that's letting in a lot of electronic hash) on yours.

Apart from that,  my rather limited knowledge is exhausted...

Good luck anyway,  it must be really frustrating!

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it might be a symptom, and nothing to do with the real problem...

my friend had a similar problem with ClubInternet. It got worse over time, and after intermittant 'working' during the day (nothing at night) it stopped working altogether. She then changed to FranceTelecom (and an orange-box) and it started to go the same way...

Eventually, (fuelled by PMT and a certain quantity of wine...) I rang up FT for the umpteenth time and tore strips off the poor chap on the 'helpline'. FT engineers were there the following morning at 8am - and apparently there was a broken wire at the exchange!

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